Welcome to Allergy Free & More Natural Health Center located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Our fundamental belief is that your body is ”Wonderfully Made” and is designed by God to heal itself. Unfortunately our western lifestyle complete with stress, chemically laden processed food, toxins and electromagnetic fields cause imbalances in the body. We specialize in restoration of homeostasis to the body through a newly developed, non-invasive, drug free modality. This method called BIE has been tremendously successful to date. We invite you to check out the testimonials page and hear what countless others are saying about this breakthrough technology.

"I no longer have headaches that I was plagued with for so many years."
- L. Cooper - Registered Nurse

"I've been unable to eat breads, pasta, or any flour products unless they were gluten free for 20 years. I can now eat any flour product with no discomfort."
- C. Brown - Teacher

"My craving for cigarettes has diminished. I don't even miss them anymore."
- C. Kunti - Business Owner

By incorporating ancient Eastern knowledge with state of the art Western technologies, we restore the natural balances within the human body and help our clients life a healthier life.